Academic Recognition

​Queensland Ballet Academy has received a positive notice of recognition from the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA) for the Upper School (Levels 3-1).

Recognition by this Queensland Government statutory body, allows students completing each level of the Upper School, to attain credit points which will contribute to their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE).

Academic Recognition

What is the Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (QCAA)?

The QCAA is a statutory body of the Queensland Government. It is responsible for senior secondary syllabus development, and for providing resources and services to help teachers develop curriculum, teaching and learning programs from kindergarten to year 12. It also provides testing, assessment, moderation, certification and vocational education and training services to Queensland’s education community.

What is the Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE)?

Queensland’s senior school-based qualification, awarded to eligible students when they complete the senior phase of learning at the end of year 12. 20 QCE points must be accrued in the senior academic years, to receive this certificate.

How many QCE points will be awarded at successful completion of each Level of the Upper School?

Upper School Level 1 – 2 QCE points

Upper School Level 2 – 2 QCE points

Upper School Level 3 – 1 QCE point

How many QCE points are required to achieve the QCE?

A total of 20 points must be achieved to successfully graduate year 12 with a Queensland Certificate of Education. QCE points can only be achieved in the senior academic years.

Is there a minimum Required Standard of Achievement?

To receive QCE points at the completion of each level of the Upper School, the required standard of achievement for the overall course is a ‘C’, within a grading matrix of A, B, C, D, E.

How do student’s results convert into QCAA’s grading matrix (A – E).

For each core subject, students complete a summative, practical examination in Semester Two. The sum of results for all core subjects provides an over result for the course (level), which then converts into the QCAA’s grading matrix of A – E.

What type of course has the Upper School been recognised as by the QCAA?

The Upper School has been recognised within the Complementary Study category of learning. Complementary courses of study generally go beyond the scope and/or depth of what is considered senior schooling. Other examples of courses in this category include VET Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and University courses undertaken during senior school.

When are students eligible to receive QCE points for completing the Upper School?

Recognition is effective from 8 December 2021 and therefore, students successfully completing Level 3, 2 or 1 from 2022, will be eligible to receive QCE credit points. Points cannot be awarded retrospectively for course completion prior to 2022.

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