Scholarship, bursary and award scheme guidelines, terms and conditions

Thanks to the generosity of individual supporters, trusts and partners, Queensland Ballet is grateful to be able to make scholarships, awards and bursaries available year on year.

The funds are limited, however a robust assessment panel endorsed by Queensland Ballet (and Kelvin Grove State College for Academy Program applications), considers every fully completed application, aiming to ensure financial support (bursaries) and the awarding of talent scholarships and awards are equitable, transparent, meaningful and offered in accordance with the objective’s of each category.

Guidelines, terms and conditions of the application and assessment process

1. Application guidelines

a) Applications open each November with scholarships, awards and bursaries awarded to successful applicants for the subsequent year.

b) Submission of an application implies that you understand and agree to all guidelines, terms and conditions herein.

c)   Parents/carers are to make the application on behalf of the student, however student’s 18 years of age or older, may apply independently of a parent/carer.

d) Applicants must use the official application form available on the Queensland Ballet website.

e) Application opening and closing dates will be clearly displayed on the website and late applications cannot be accepted.

f)    All applications are kept strictly confidential, and information provided is only used by Queensland Ballet for the purposes of assessing an application.

g) Not all applications will be successful.

2. Supporting information guidelines

a) All applications must be accompanied by a supporting statement addressing specific criteria.

b) If an applicant refers to a Health Care, Pension or Concession card, evidence of a valid card must be uploaded and submitted at the point of application.

c)   Any other supporting information, required to complete the form, or referenced within the supporting statement, must be uploaded and submitted at the point of application.

d) The applicant may be contacted by email or phone during the assessment process if any further information is required.

3. Application terms and conditions

a) Information on how to participate in Queensland Ballet Academy’s Scholarship and Bursary application process, including all electronic and hardcopy schedules, information, forms, and notifications form part of these terms and conditions.

b) Queensland Ballet (ABN 26009717079) is the owner of the Queensland Ballet Academy Scholarship and Bursary application process.

c)   These terms and conditions may be altered where necessary, and any changes will be notified on the Queensland Ballet website.

d) Participation in the application process will be considered acceptance of these terms and conditions, and any ongoing updates to these terms and conditions.

e) To participate, applicants agree to provide Queensland Ballet with true and correct information including full name, phone number, email address and supporting information. Applications are not transferable.

f)    Applicants agree they will not sue or make any other claims of any kind whatsoever against Queensland Ballet or its members for any personal or property damage/loss, whether caused by negligence or otherwise, in relation to the Queensland Ballet Academy’s Scholarship and Bursary application process.

g) Queensland Ballet will not be responsible for any problems or technical malfunction of any network or lines, servers, providers, computer equipment, software, traffic congestion on the Internet, etc. including, but not limited to, any injury or damage to participants or any other person's computer related to or resulting from applying for or downloading any materials to enable full application in the process.

h) Queensland Ballet reserves the right, at any time, to verify the validity of an applicant’s application and to reject or disqualify an incomplete, false or misleading application from being considered.

i)    Data collected at the point of application may be kept for research, statistical insights and business needs of Queensland Ballet to help inform the Queensland Ballet Academy, however Queensland Ballet will remove personal details and identifying particulars of any kind.

4. Notice of application results

a) At the completion of the application and assessment process, all applicants (successful and unsuccessful), will be advised of the outcome via the email address provided on their application form.

b) Notification dates are available on the website. Any unforeseen delay in the assessment process which may delay the notification date will be communicated to all applicants at the earliest opportunity.

c)   Successful applicants will be notified of the value and type, or origin of the scholarship, award or bursary awarded.

d) The assessment panel’s decision is final however, Queensland Ballet is continuously seeking potential support for the Company and its students. If additional support for Academy students is secured during the study period, there may be another opportunity for consideration. In this event, all families will be advised of the extra application opportunity.

e) Queensland Ballet reserves the right to decline to award scholarships, awards or bursaries if, in its opinion, there are no suitable applicants.

Terms and conditions for the recipient

Successful applicants will be expected to understand and adhere to the terms and conditions hereunder and which will also be provided at the time of notification. The purpose of these terms and conditions is to ensure recipients keep faith with the spirit and intent with which the funds are allocated, by nurturing their passion for the art form and approaching their training with diligence and zeal.

5. Awarding of funds

a) Scholarships, awards and bursary funds are never awarded as cash or payment of any sort, directly to the recipient.

b) Scholarships, awards and bursary funds are distributed as fee credits which are processed at the beginning of the study period (year) for which they are awarded, reducing the recipient’s balance owing for program fees.

c)   Funds awarded may cover all or only part of the recipient’s program fees set by Queensland Ballet Academy.

d) In the event that funds are awarded as a full scholarship, award or bursary, the non-refundable security deposit already paid will not be refunded.

e) Commencement of the scholarship, award or bursary cannot be deferred.

6. Expectations of the recipient

a) The recipient must demonstrate a commitment to completing the full year of training in which they received the scholarship, award or bursary, in accordance with Queensland Ballet Academy’s Enrolment Agreement.

b) Queensland Ballet reserves the right to revoke a scholarship, award or bursary at any time if it is found that the applicant has provided information that is false or misleading, does not meet the eligibility criteria, or does not comply with these terms and conditions.

c)   Queensland Ballet reserves the right to revoke a scholarship, award or bursary if the recipient does not formally enrol in the course, or pay their security deposit, by the relevant date(s) specified.

d) Queensland Ballet reserves the right to revoke a scholarship, award or bursary, if it is deemed that the recipient has not adhered to any of the terms and conditions of their Enrolment Agreement.

e) In the event of a recipient being dismissed from the Program for a breach of the Enrolment Agreement, the scholarship, award or bursary will be revoked, and its entire value must be repaid to Queensland Ballet in addition to any balance of fees owing for the remainder of the study period. Please also refer to the Queensland Ballet Academy Fee Policy Section 9.

f)    In the event of a recipient withdrawing from the Program for any reason aside from a recognised exceptional medical or financial circumstance*, the scholarship, award or bursary will be revoked, and its entire value must be repaid to Queensland Ballet in addition to any balance of fees owing as outlined in the Queensland Ballet Academy Fee Policy Section 7.

7. Recipient engagement with a funder or partner

a) Aside from the name, age and region of origin, recipients’ personal information will never be made available to the provider/s of scholarships, bursaries and awards.

b) Recipients may be requested to provide a letter of appreciation, headshot image and/or an impact statement to be shared with the provider/s of the funds, however all contact between provider and recipient will be facilitated by a representative of Queensland Ballet.

c)   Recipients will have no direct contact or communication with providers including but not limited to contact in person, by phone, email or other online platforms and the recipient is under no obligation to engage with a supporter, funder and/or partner.

*Exceptional Circumstances definition:

There are only two types of exceptional circumstances recognised by Queensland Ballet which are deemed outside of the student or family’s control, under which the payee may be eligible to apply for a part or full fee waiver upon withdrawing from the Program:

·       Exceptional medical circumstances - includes ongoing or recurring injuries, illnesses or other medical

condition/s verified by a professional medical practitioner, that substantially impact the student’s ability to continue in the Program.

·       Exceptional financial circumstances – includes unforeseen, significant impacts or changes in circumstance, which are deemed outside of the family’s control, and which coincide with and/or contribute to, the student’s withdrawal from the Program and prevent the payee from paying the balance of the fees owing.

Excerpt from the Queensland Ballet Academy Fee Policy Section 7.3

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of the land on which we work and perform. Long before we performed on this land, it played host to the dance expression of our First Peoples. We pay our respects to their Elders — past, present and emerging — and acknowledge the valuable contribution they have made and continue to make to the cultural landscape of this country.

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